360 Degree Wedding Panoramas
Capture the entire view of your wedding in a single breathtaking photo.

Supplement* your other wedding photos with a single picture that will absolutely knock your socks off, dazzle your friends, family, and co-workers, and make total strangers shout "Wow! Cool! Awesome!”

Nothing else can capture and save that special moment better than a 360 degree panorama. The entire church, from altar to door, from ceiling to floor, bride and groom, bridesmaids, family and guests, the little girl giggling in the third row – literally everything the eye can see - in every direction - frozen in time.

While these fullscreen panoramas can be printed simply as a long, unique photograph, they are intended for display on the Internet and/or CD-ROM, and unlike any other photos, they are interactive: you “click and drag” to instantly turn and look in any direction, including straight up and down, as well as zoom in and out. So what if you need a computer to view it – people once needed a VCR and TV to view their wedding movies - or even a large film projector and special screen, like your grandparents may have used.

Never before in history has it been possible to create and display such wedding photographs as these. Be bold, be one of the first to embrace this fantastic new way of capturing and preserving your most special moment. Some say it’s as if their wedding was frozen and placed inside a snow-globe to preserve for all time.

Why haven’t you seen wedding panoramas before? Simple. The technology is new, and this is a brand new use for it. Previously 360 degree panoramas were limited to postage stamp size views of hotel rooms or homes for sale, and of such low quality no one would want such a thing for their wedding. But what was impossible a few years ago is now done daily. Advances in technology now allow breathtaking high resolution fullscreen panoramas.

Just as couples before you who once had to chose between photos on glass plates and paper, between black and white and color, and stills or video, you must now decide whether you want only traditional wedding photos, or the most revolutionary thing to happen to wedding photography since moving pictures.

*360 degree panoramas are intended only as a supplement to your wedding photographs, and is in no way a replacement for “real” wedding photography. You must also use your own wedding photographer. I only shoots 360 degree panoramas, which require a fisheye lens and tripod, and are not suitable for traditional close up wedding photographs. Call me in to work with your wedding photographer or to recommend one of the wedding photographers that I work with. Often photographers may not be happy about calling in a specialist, so you may meet some resistance, or they may offer to shoot a panorama too. If so, ask your photographer how many hundreds of panoramas they shoot per year, and ask to see a few dozen examples. Then insist on calling me for my proven skills with this technology.


Valentine's Day Underwater Wedding at Mall of America
(small, low-res version for dial-up users)

Valentine's Day Underwater Wedding at Mall of America Barb and Jason Skubitz tie the knot in a Valentine's Day Underwater Wedding at Underwater Adventures in the Mall of America.
The wedding was broadcast live on the NBC Today Show.

Different, Events, Favorites, Mall of America, Weddings


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Newlyweds at the Ice Palace
(small, low-res version for dial-up users)

Newlyweds at the Ice Palace Newlyweds pose for pictures at the Ice Palace on the last day of Winter Carnival.

Events, Ice Palace, Landmarks, Saint Paul, Winter Carnival 2004, Weddings, Winter, Winter Carnival


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360 Degree Panoramas

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